2022 degrees

87 community-minded, committed students.

Reading the 2022 projects from the Ecole Camondo graduates once again gives a strong impression of going beyond the fleeting sentiment of the fashionable, beyond equipping the students to use their creative, visionary uniqueness, a design school also nurtures an eminently political form of design.

The school, its team and its teachers have set themselves the collective ambition to embrace a more forward-looking and socially-conscious identity within our profession, marked by notions of the user, usage scenarios and therefore the central role of people.

The scope of thinking of these future interior architects/designers is anchored at the intersection between the considerations of designer and architect. It is based on the inner character of spaces and beings, designed to achieve greater freedom from the outer world and others.

Should interior architecture be the starting point, forming a link with the landscape, town planning and art, as it already inherently does with design?

This is what the new generation seems to be saying to us and both their and our commitment must confirm this.

René-Jacques Mayer,

Principal of the Ecole Camondo